Staging Change About Us Environmental Sustanable Theatre Network

about us

Staging Change is a grassroots artist-led organisation, which supports theatre makers responding to the climate crisis. 

As storytellers, we have a unique capacity to explore key issues with audiences both on and off the stage. In a warming world, this means taking leadership in communicating the importance of environmental action, whether that be through the content of our projects or the sharing of our practice.

We also believe that the cultural industry has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact, both in terms of its carbon emissions and waste production.


Our network of performers, makers, venues and organisations work together to discuss how the industry can overcome the challenges it faces in becoming more environmentally sustainable. Whether you're a green theatre machine or new to the sustainability game, everyone is welcome to join the discussion.

It’s time for change. As part of the wider #CreativeClimate and #GreenArts movement, Staging Change is working to create a green future for theatre. 

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the team

Alice Boyd Staging Change Environmental Sustanable Theatre Network Poltergeist Theatre

name. Alice Boyd

role. founder and co-director

bio. Alice makes music for theatre, audio and film. She's interested in the intersection between climate change and the arts, and the power that theatre and film has in communicating big issues. She is one of Sound and Music's New Voices composers 2020. Her sound design in ‘Crisis’ was shortlisted for #CreateCOP25, a competition for the UN’s COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid. Alice is also a company member of theatre company Poltergeist, and co-artistic director of climate comedy duo Alan and Ron. Previously, she has worked at environmental charity Hubbub as a project co-ordinator, working on food waste.

Josie Dale-Jones ThisEgg Staging Change Environmental Sustanable Theatre Network

name. Josie ​Dale-Jones

role. co-director​

bio. Josie Dale-Jones is a theatre maker, performer and producer. She is also ThisEgg. ThisEgg makes intimate theatre that connects with audiences; prompting them to ask big questions about the world we live in. 


Shankho Chaudhuri Staging Change Environmental Sustanable Theatre Network

name. Shankho Chaudhuri

role. designer​

bio. Shankho has helped lead a number of sustainable design workshops for Staging Change. He is a multidisciplinary designer fascinated by the intersection of technology with the Arts. Originally trained as an Engineer from Imperial College London, before studying as a postgraduate in Design at the Royal College of Art, he is exploring “the future of storytelling”, making work that blends form and media. He is currently designing for Poltergeist, as well as a number of productions for the VAULT Festival and beyond.  

Clae Thompson Staging Change Environmental Sustanable Theatre Network

name. Clare Thompson​

role. designer

bio. Clare designed the graphics for our website. She is an interdisciplinary designer. She trained as a designer at Goldsmiths and has worked on a number of projects including Zaatari Radio, a humanitarian collective initially formed to create a refugee-run radio station to serve people living in Zaatari Village, Jordan.