our manifesto

we aim to


make our costumes, sets and props from second-hand materials or design for reuse

use digital marketing wherever possible and sustainable printers where feasible

design all elements of our work consciously, considering the impact of choices (including lighting and sound) in relation to their necessity


encourage the use of reusables by cast, crew and collaborators

limit the use of single-use and unnecessary plastics in our work and in rehearsal

recycle or repurpose materials wherever possible, throughout the process of producing work


travel by foot, bike and public transport wherever possible between rehearsals, workshops and on tour

encourage audiences to follow our example of sustainable travel

consider the impact of the transportation of materials we purchase for our work and buy locally where possible


spread awareness of environmental issues to audiences either on or off the stage

encourage the theatres and venues which we work with or admire to improve their sustainable practices

celebrate the achievements that we or others make to improve the sustainability of the industry

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