Ella Langley: Interview with Colleen Cameron, BOTTLED UP

“Plastic is integral to our lives. It’s integral to my life, at least”

BOTTLED UP is (outrageously) Colleen’s first piece of writing. It lifts the lid on our society’s eco-anxiety-inducing relationship with single-use plastics. It was first performed in l’Usine Brussels in January 2018, which Colleen discovered, on the day of performance, was one of Belgium’s first plastic factories (“very eery”).

During this showing, Colleen was commissioned to write a 20-minute version of BOTTLED UP for a conference at the EESC, and it has since appeared at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Camden Fringe, the Eden Project Art Festival and as a 10-minute extract at the European Commission in DG Environment. No doubt, short and long versions of this piece will only garner more attention (Colleen plans to translate the play into French, next) as the vital importance of its topic becomes increasingly clear.

Conception: What provoked bottled up