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Staging Change is partnering with Edinburgh-based social enterprise, Out of the Blueprint, for Edinburgh Fringe 2019. Out of the Blueprint is offering Staging Change network members a 10% discount when they print using their eco-friendly RISO printer. To receive this discount, join the network and email

What is RISO?

RISO is the most eco-friendly printer on the planet. Using soy based ink and banana paper stencils, we print on recycled paper stock and use local suppliers to reduce our impact on the environment. RISO is energy efficient, with no harmful emissions and minimal waste. Non-toxic, no nasty chemicals, all good stuff.

It’s also affordable, with prices starting from £18 for 100 one-colour flyers, with economies of scale meaning the more you print the better value it gets.

What’s more, every time you print with Out of the Blueprint, you’re doing a good deed by supporting our work with young people. As a social enterprise, our mission is to help young artists through residencies, exhibitions, publications, events, traineeships, workshops and more, supporting them to realise their potential at whatever stage they’re at. So it not only looks good, it does good too!

Our top tips for RISO printing:

1. Keep it simple

You don’t need a whole lot of colour to make a lot of impact. We have eight ink colours to choose from: black, blue, teal, green, yellow, red, fluorescent pink and fluorescent orange. Some of the best designs we’ve printed over the years have stuck to 1 or 2 colours. This saves time, energy, resources, and keeps costs down.

2. Design in black and white

The colour in RISO printing comes from the ink drum, not from the screen – so your print files should be greyscale. Anything that’s black on-screen will come out as the full intensity of the ink colour, for deep blues, vibrant reds, and the brightest fluorescent oranges. For a more washed-out effect, use a lighter grey in your artwork. Prints sometimes come out paler than you’d expect, so if in doubt go darker.

3. Let the paper do the work

RISO is a wet, inky process, so it sometimes struggles with massive areas of solid colour. Rather than coating the whole page in ink, think about choosing a coloured paper stock instead. Why not try black on blue paper, green on grey, or red on pink? This makes your flyers and posters easier to print and also easier to recycle.

4. Take the plunge

RISO works by making a stencil of your artwork called a ‘master’. This where the bulk of the setup cost is and extra prints cost pennies. Planning to reprint the same artwork at a later date? It’s easier, cheaper and better for the environment to print the whole batch in one go.

5. Embrace the imperfection

Each ink is printed one at a time, so colours don’t always line up perfectly on top of each other. This gives RISO's distinctive 'misregistration' aesthetic, where the alignment shifts up to 3mm between each print, so go for something that has a bit of leeway. It won’t always look exactly how you imagined, but it will always look RISO – and that’s all part of the charm!

Want to find out more?

Visit our website for more tips and tricks, and get in touch for a quote via

Click here for tips on how to flyer more sustainably.

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