Father: A one woman show

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

We talk to Francesca Bartellini, writer and performer of Father, produced by Ipazia Production, Rome. Francesca is performing every evening at Greenside Venue, Infirmary Street, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. They then hope to tour it to venues in the UK, in Europe and beyond!

About the show: What is your show about? 

FATHER is a one-woman show in which three lives are interconnected by abuse on different levels. It’s been described by Joyce McMillan, a renowned writer here in Scotland, as a play where “in the dense poetic structure there a haunting vision of a world destroyed by patriarchal attitudes taking some kind of watery revenge on the whole of humanity” – which I rather like!

I have been writing about our climate and the destruction of the planet for quite some time. The script for Father is based on a friend of mine’s real experiences. When my friend was telling me her story. I could see a wider perspective.

The performance it is always evolving. That’s the great beauty of making live work; it’s immediate and it’s influenced by audience reactions, wherever and whenever it’s performed. I am also making plans to make a film version and it already has a companion – Madre (or Mother), an installation performance piece, which I have presented at the Contemporary Museum in Naples – and the museum is known too as Madre!