Frumpish Theatre:Outdoors and socially distanced

We talked to Georgia Crump from Frumpish Theatre about their debut show 'How To Hug', a socially distanced outdoor show for audiences of one. Their small-scale outdoor show is a sustainable blueprint for alternative forms of theatre away from the stage.

What is your show about?

'How to Hug' is a 1 to 1, socially-distanced exploration of the connections possible between strangers. The performance takes place between one audience member and one actor in parks and outdoor spaces around the UK.

This is our first show as Frumpish Theatre, which was very much born out of the pandemic and feelings of disconnect from the world and human contact, particularly missing the everyday interactions with strangers that we’re so used to taking for granted. We wanted to see if it was possible to create the conditions for connection with a total stranger, basically engineer a moment of chance encounter, and see if from that moment could come a genuine emotional exchange.

So far we have done 17 performances in London, Glasgow, and Bristol. Every one is different because of the interactive nature of the show. Although the British weather makes it difficult to perform in winter, we are hoping to do more performances in spring 2021 as well as adapt the play for a more traditional theatre venue.