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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Staging Change has come together with zero waste venue, The Greenhouse, to create the #FutureFringe campaign. This campaign, which is supported by the University of Edinburgh and the Fringe Society, invites anyone involved in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to submit responses to the simple question “what does your #FutureFringe look like?”. We welcome input from residents, venues, and participants, and will be using responses to inform calls for change at all levels of the Festival on topics such as inclusivity, environmental sustainability and accessibility.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has become a staple of the events calendar not just in Edinburgh, but for arts groups across the world. Like many other major events, it will be particularly conspicuous by its absence this - but that doesn’t mean the action stops.

Oli Savage – one of the founding members behind the #FutureFringe campaign said: “there’s a big narrative at the Fringe that if we want things to be done differently, it’s up to the powers-that-be to make it happen. In fact, the Fringe is made by locals, artists, audience members, venues, just as much as it’s made by the Fringe Society themselves. Anyone can help create the Fringe, which means it’s up to everyone to make it even better. We want to help them do that.”

Running throughout August to coincide with the intended dates for the 2020 festival, the campaign will be accepting submissions through social media (with the hashtag #FutureFringe) or through our website (www.futurefringe.co.uk). Submissions can come in any format, from a short tweet to artwork or a video; all creative responses will be displayed on the campaign website with artists’ permission. This is to mirror the diversity of creativity on display at the Fringe each year. But you don’t have to be an artist to submit a creative response – in fact, we are encouraging anyone to discover their artistic side and express themselves. Resources are available on the Future Fringe website to help you get started.

Of course, the campaign doesn’t end there. We will be analysing the responses through September to better understand key needs across stakeholder groups, and the issues that stand in their way. In the autumn, we will use the data to connect individuals and organisations at different levels and support them to enact the change they want to see on sustainability, accessibility and diversity.

Shona McCarthy, C.E.O of the Edinburgh Fringe festival spoke about the campaign. “This work is really important. The Fringe belongs to everyone, and we are excited to see groups at all levels are using this time to dream and shape the future they want. The #FutureFringe campaign will help to ensure that when the Fringe returns in 2021, it does so better and stronger than ever.”

In all, the #FutureFringe campaign is trying to take the tragedy of the last year and reimagine the festival as a celebration of inclusivity, diversity and sustainability. The findings that come out of this campaign can affect the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and hopefully arts festivals across the globe.

The #FutureFringe campaign goes live at 10am on Wednesday 5th of August. You can submit responses to the campaign by tweeting with the hashtag #FutureFringe, or by heading to their websitewww.futurefringe.co.uk. The campaign closes at 23:59 on 31st August.

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