How to have a #SustainableFringe

Alice Boyd

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the biggest arts festival in the world giving a stage to 3,841 shows, from over 60 countries, across nearly 350 venues in 2019. At this scale, the festival has a huge opportunity to set an example of how arts festivals can implement environmental sustainability, as well as encourage wider discussion of environmental issues. Here are some ways your show can help green up the Fringe!


  1. Use second-hand, recycled or repurposed sets, costumes and props. You'll save money and the environment. Check out these top tips on how to upcycle.

  2. When it comes to printing, less is more! Keep that printing run low... you can always order more! Here's a 10% discount for Staging Change members who print sustainably with Out of the Blueprint. 

  3. Get those flyers off the street! Use our graphics to remind people to recycle or take a photo of a flyer. Why not watch our Sustainability Sketch?


  1. Travel to, from and around the Fringe by bus, train, foot or bike.

  2. Encourage your audiences on social media to do the same!

  3. Offset carbon emissions from flights or car/van travel using sites, such as Mossy Earth, which plant trees and restore ecosystems.


  1. Create your own reusable Fringe kit. Here are our top alternatives to make you a reusable warrior!

  2. Recycle in your Fringe accommodation... stay tuned for our top tips on recycling in Edinburgh.

  3. Check out the Fringe's swap shop, give props, costumes and sets a new home, or say goodbye to items that are too clunky to take home.


  1. Join a Staging Change #SustainableFringe event or workshop.

  2. Share your sustainable actions on social media with the hashtag #SustainableFringe or make an announcement after your show.

  3. Ask your venue what they're doing to be more environmentally sustainable. Here are our top 5 questions to ask your venue.

Join the Staging Change Network to keep updated with our plans for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

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