Kraken: a climate crisis romance

We talked to the team at Unbound Productions about their show Kraken, which will be at VAULT Festival from the 3rd to 8th March. The show is a romance about monsters, capitalism and climate change.

(BL) Bradley Leech – Producer

(RH) Rebecca Hill – Director

(SW) Skot Wilson – Writer

(JD) James Donnelly – Designer

What is your show about?

BL: We are Unbound Productions. Rebecca and I co-artistically direct the company and work with some wonderful artists to create serious work that isn’t afraid to laugh. We’ve got a fantastic team working on Kraken which will be on at the Vault Festival at the beginning of March 2020. 

RH: Kraken is an underwater climate crisis capitalist romance. It’s about monsters, relationships on the edge, the impact of climate change, and a giant squid. The two characters, Simon and Trixie, are deep-sea miners who dredge up the seabed in order to harvest the elements required to make things like smart phones and electric cars. Whilst living in their remote, lighthouse-like unit, they drift apart, and the issues bubbling under their relationship begin to surface. Through this couple’s relationship, we’re looking at the hypocrisies and obstacles involved with trying to lead an eco-ethical life, and push back a little bit against the current (convenient) trend of placing all responsibility on the individual