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#Lockdown:GreenUp — 29 June to 4 July — from Pigfoot.

Lockdown: Green Up is a digital environmental theatre week (29 June - 4 July) created to share the work of climate theatre-makers and artists, for those wanting to integrate eco-practices into their work. The week aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion over how artists, venues and producers can green up, engage with climate injustice and reimagine a more sustainable industry.

The week will be facilitated by multi award-winning Pigfoot Theatre, the first explicitly

carbon-neutral theatre company in the UK. Pigfoot create theatre which practices what it preaches and protests from within an industry which, in London alone, has a carbon footprint of 50,000 tonnes a year (equivalent to driving a car 1.5 million times round the M25!).

Conversations and Q+As will be streamed live on Facebook, and most sessions will remain online to create a database of accessible climate theatre resources. All sessions will be available captioned within one week of streaming. However, streaming is not entirely carbon neutral; to minimise the week’s impact, Pigfoot will be offsetting the carbon cost of people streaming the sessions, and the electric energy used preparing the week.

The week will also share artists making climate work each day on social media (Twitter/Facebook: @PigfootTheatre, Instagram: @PigfootTheatreCo).

All workshops will be free; however, if participants are able, they’re encouraged to donate a £5 “ticket” (or whatever is appropriate) to one of the following funds supporting artists:

  • The Artists Fund Artists, who are redistributing all funds raised before 1 August 2020 to Black artists in the UK.

  • The Terrible Rage fund, covering essential costs for artists ineligible for the Self Employed scheme and unsuccessful in their ACE Emergency Funding application.

Please find Pigfoot on Facebook @PigfootTheatre to stream the following workshops:

Start with the Land

Monday 29 June 16:00-16:45

A conversation with playwright David Geary and site-specific theatre creator Kendra Fanconi on the relationship between art and nature, and making work with the land at its heart.

How is theatre adapting in a time of climate crisis?

‪Monday 29 June 17:30-18:15

‪A conversation with Lyn Gardner, and theatre-makers & Staging Change co-directors Alice Boyd and Josie Dale Jones, about how emerging theatre-makers are adapting for a greener future.

‪Signalling Through The Waves

‪Monday 29 June 18:30-19:30

Creating a durational performance with the sea and approaching work through a ‘climate lens’ with leading eco-critic Una Chaudhuri, and artist & director Sarah Cameron Sunde.

‪Rethinking Design, and Embracing Eco-Scenography ‬

Tuesday 30 June 10:30-11:15

What is Eco-Scenography? Pioneering eco-designers Tanja Beer and Andrea Carr on rethinking design practices and reinterpreting materials to integrate ecological principles. ‬

Making the Digital LIVE

Tuesday 30 June 17:30-18:15

‪Joe Ball, Artistic Director of Exit Productions and theatre-maker/political-activist Zack Polanski discuss digitalising their interactive environmental show, Eco Chambers (previously at Battersea Arts Centre). ‬

Thinking Bigly: How to make an anti-TED talk

Wednesday 1 July 16:30-17:15

We talk to Ben Yeoh and David Finnigan about making their theatre-performance talk ‘Thinking Bigly: A Guide To Saving the World’ and finding hope in the midst of the climate crisis.

‪Lighting a Greener Path

Wednesday 1 July 17:30-18:00

‪Olivier Award-winning lighting designer, Paule Constable (associate of National Theatre, New Adventures + Lyric Hammersmith), discusses incorporating environmental sustainability into her practice for a brighter future.‬

‪Making Green Productions

Wednesday 1 July 18:30-19:15

‪We discuss how Julie’s Bicycle are paving the way to creating green productions, and top tips on how to make your show sustainable shows with Julie’s Bicycle Creative Green Programme Lead, Graciela Melitsko Thornton.‬

‪Running on Your Own Energy

Thursday 2 July 11:00-11:30

‪Award-winning choreographer, Prue Lang, on powering theatre with renewable energy generated live during performance & how to create Green Guidelines for your practice.

‪Integrating Science & Eco-Philosophy into Theatre

‪Thursday 2 July 14:00-14:45

We discuss the research process for climate play Dweepa with playwright Abhishek Majumdar (Pah-La: Royal Court): science, philosophy, and the lived experience of Bengali communities.

Telling Climate Stories Through Dance

Wednesday 1 July 09:00-09:45

We talk to international award-winning dance company VOU Fiji about "Are We Stronger Than Winston?", and investigating the human costs of climate change on Pacific communities through dance.

‪Peddling Sustainable Practices with the HandleBards

Friday 3 July 17:30-18:30

An interactive workshop led by cycling Shakespeare company, and Edinburgh Sustainable Practice Award-winners, The Handlebards: how to implement sustainable practices into your company.

Towards Climate Justice

Saturday 4 July 16:00-17:00

A knowledge sharing with Groundwater Arts on re-evaluating your practise with a climate justice lens, and their Green New Theatre proposal, applying the Green New Deal to the theatre industry.

Making Saving the Planet Sexy ‬

‪Saturday 4 July 18:30-19:15

‪“Why can't you enjoy a good sex story whilst still wanting to save the planet?”‬ Award-winning comedian and climate activist Steve Hili on writing and performing climate comedy.

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