Me and My Bee

Ella Langley: Interview with Josie Dale-Jones, ThisEgg

“We’re recruiting new members to join our political party, disguised as a party-party, disguised as a show.”

ThisEgg have been creating a buzz at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the last few years - as Josie endearingly recaps in “A Brief History”- but never more literally than with their beloved family comedy Me and My Bee which premiered there in 2017 before a National Tour in 2018. “A political party, disguised as a party party, disguised as a show”; Me and My Bee is loud and proud about its own social conscience, and wants you to catch the bug too. I talked to Josie about the trials and tribulations of combining entertainment with environmentalism.

Germination: what started Me and My Bee?

It was actually based on my devised piece from A-Level, which kept coming back up because me, Hannah and Lotte who had made that piece wanted to work together again on a family show, and this thing about bees hadn’t gone away. Then those two got other jobs but gave me their blessing to make it. Them bees need saving.

The aim was clear from the beginning. We knew we wanted people to leave with seeds, and we knew we had to find a way to make people actually want to plant them. Climate change, obviously affects us, but there’s nothing that feels tangible. Without bees, we’ll have no food - so everyone is like “oh shit! We gotta do someth