Ella Langley: Interview with Michael Galligan, Solarplexus

“People are getting more and more awake every day to the reality that we live on planet Earth”

With a climate change apocalypse approaching, Solarplexus presents us with a sci-fi comedy about environmentalism and corporate greed. Exploring the ways we respond to imminent doom, in and out of the world of the play. The show strives to walk the environmental walk, spinning renewable energy live on stage to help power the production. We spoke to Michael Galligan about the journey of creating the show and bringing it over to the fringe for the first time.

Origins: Solarplexus is the first play you’ve written. Can you talk to me a bit about where the piece came from?

Over the summer of 2015 I read Endgame by Derrick Jensen it was the heaviest piece of environmental writing I had read; it was like a tonne of bricks falling on me. He speaks pretty militaristically about how to fix the environmental issues that we’re facing. He’s very quick to blame large corporations and he was very quick to cut through actions that are not drastic enough to help.

So, it started based off of a character, a comic depiction of this violent sooth-sayer trope. That then became more of