Staging Change Award Winner 2019

Carbon neutral show 'How To Save A Rock' wins the Staging Change Award 2019

At the Edinburgh Fringe 2019, Staging Change worked with the VAULT Festival to curate a list of the top green shows at the festival, which engage with topics of climate change and environmental sustainability. 'How To Save A Rock' has won the Staging Change Award 2019, giving them a guaranteed slot at VAULT Festival 2020. Read on to hear more about the show and Staging Change's other top picks.

How To Save A Rock

Quick catch-up: it’s 2026, and we've got four years left to save the world. Half a degree out, and millions of lives are at risk. The temperatures are rising, and so are the people – but not enough has changed.

Also, there's only one polar bear left in the wild, and he’s written us a letter. We're going to save him. Will you help?

How To Save A Rock is a climate-change musical comedy about how to still have hope - for kids and adults alike. Join us on a wild polar chase through wind-farms, peat-bogs and protests.

Winner of the Sunday Times Playwriting Award, the Samuel French New Play Award, the Staging Change Award and the Sustainable Fringe Award: Best Company, 2019. Featured in Reuters and The New York Times.

This show is carbon-neutral. Production materials are recycled and recyclable, music is created live and all lighting is powered by solar-power and a bike, cycled live on stage.

Staging Change picks: Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Matt Winning: It's The End of the World As We Know It

A comedy lecture about how we cope with climate change and what we can do about it, from the 'attractively impish' (Guardian) environmental researcher and comedian Dr Matt Winning. The world as we know it is coming to an end regardless of whether we want it to or not. Here Matt explores what that means and considers what it must be like being a teenager nowadays compared to when he was young.

As seen/heard on Unspun with Matt Forde, BBC Three, BBC Radio 4, BBC Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland and his podcast Operation Earth where he interviews comedians about climate change.

'Everything a Fringe show should be: hilarious, personal, inventive, and something that will stay with you for some time to come' ***** (

'Winning's sharp wit and intelligence allows him to educate as he entertains' ****½ (Sunday Post).

1.5 Degrees Live!

The 2018 IPCC Report on the impacts of global warming of above 1.5 degrees is the most important climate report in history. We don’t have much time. The clock is ticking.

In August 2019, 1.5 Degrees Live! staged a mass reading of the most important report on Climate change ever released at the CO2ntainer, Greenside @Infirmary Street as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

More than 140 politicians, activists, members of the public joined them to bear witness to, discuss and share this incredibly complex and important document. 

In September, they staged a second reading at the Scottish Parliament to mark the passage of the Scottish Governments Climate Bill.

1.5 Degrees Live! now aim to share their resources and to stage further readings at arts festivals, parliaments and protests in the UK and abroad to try to ensure that the message of this report is carried as widely as possible.

Sam Haygarth: Climate Crisis

Sam Haygarth was arrested recently. This is a show about being an activist. About melting ice caps and rising sea levels. About going to protests and not telling your parents. About the future. About the past. About why we must rebel. Previous praise: 'Hilarious' (ThreeWeeks). 'Genius' ( 'Stand back and admire' (List). Sam is a former member of the Cambridge Footlights and finalist of the Chortle Student Comedy Award. He wrote Extinction, a film starring Emma Thompson, and has appeared in films directed by Wes Anderson and Taika Waititi. Free admission. Debut hour. A true story.

Are we not drawn onward to a new erA

Ontroerend Goed, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Vooruit, Richard Jordan Productions, BiB with ZOO. Like its title, this performance is a palindrome. You can see it forwards and backwards. Because some believe humanity is moving forward, while others believe the opposite. No matter who's right, our quest for progress has dramatically changed the world we live in. Are our actions irreversible or can we undo them? 'The most beautiful, most intelligent and committed performance Ontroerend Goed has ever made, on the boundary of visual art, theatre, poetry and politics' **** (Knack).

Sea Sick

The ocean contains the switch of life. Not land, not the atmosphere. The ocean. And that switch can be turned off. The Theatre Centre presents Sea Sick, Alanna Mitchell’s critically acclaimed production about climate change, and the state of the global ocean, which has toured Canada and the world. Experience this powerful story in which Mitchell uses science and delicate wit to tell us about her journey to the bottom of the ocean, the demons she discovered there, and her hope for the future. 'Terrifying, laugh-out-loud funny, and ultimately hopeful, Mitchell's Sea Sick is a must-see' (Vancouver Observer).

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