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"The Future Fringe campaign invites you to imagine a better Fringe. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we need your insights and opinions on how the Fringe can be fairer, greener, more diverse, more accessible." - Alice Boyd, 2020

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"On 5 August, Staging Change and The Greenhouse will launch the #FutureFringe campaign, supported by the University of Edinburgh and the Fringe Society. " - Alice Boyd, 2020

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"Staging Change was launched by 23-year-old theatre maker, Alice Boyd, who claims she was “incredibly inspired” by the charity [Julie's Bicycle]." - Maeve Campbell, 2020

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"Organisations like Julie’s Bicycle and Staging Change are leading the charge." - Maeve Campbell, 2020

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"With big things on the horizon for the young, eco-friendly theatre maker, Alice plans to work with renowned London theatres and spread her message far and wide." - Maeve Campbell, 2019

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"Staging Change is still small but it’s growing, and it needs to because Edinburgh Fringe faces particular problems in becoming greener, not least because of its pop-up nature." - Lyn Gardner, 2019

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"Staging Change are challenging the wasteful practices that undermine theatre's credibility when it discusses climate change."

- Gareth K Vile, 2019

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"Our industry has an incredible capacity to communicate ideas and stories. This is what we need to express the urgency of the issues facing us today."

- Alice Boyd, 2019

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"Staging Change ... are working together to improve the environmental sustainability of the theatre and arts industry."

- Josie Dale-Jones, 2019

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