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Part of: HOME Reopening Programme May 2021 , Homemakers
A HOME Commission, co-created by Alice Boyd and Josie Dale-Jones
From Wed 19 May

A new visual and audio installation from Staging Change, Spring.

Audiences are invited to collect flower seeds from an ever-growing city – a commitment to caring and looking after our earth.

Coinciding with the re-opening of HOME, Spring is a small gesture of hope as our world comes back to life again.

Spring has been co-created by Alice Boyd and Josie Dale-Jones with the wonderful team at HOME. 

Special thanks to Sekeenat Karim, Sean Pritchard, and everyone else at HOME, Saul Blake, John Mouncey, Manchester City Council, Parks of Manchester and Will Spence for supporting this project.

If you’d like to, you can scatter your wildflower seeds in some of the parks around Manchester. We have teamed up with Castlefield & Sackville Gardens who have reserved patches of earth for this.

In Castlefield head to the steps leading into Castlefield Bowl from Dukes Place. In Sackville Gardens, the patch is near the ‘beacon of hope’.
There will be signs when you get there if you are lost.

Let’s get re-wilding!


Audio transcribe

Written by Alice Boyd and Josie Dale-Jones

Performed by Will Spence



We built a city

Not exactly a city


We arranged some boxes to look like a cityscape

That was the aim anyway

We got the boxes from HOME’s set store

And now they’ve been up-cycled for our installation

Is it an installation?

Yeah, let’s call it an installation

We’ve called it SPRING - the installation


Anyway, back to the boxes

We’ve filled them with soil

Soil from here, soil from Manchester, Manchester soil

We’ve spread some seeds on top of the soil, inside the boxes that are pretending to be buildings.

We’ve painted the boxes too

The walls of the boxes, the buildings

With a moss paint 

Moss, not mould.

Moss paint is moss mixed with buttermilk, water and sugar

We made it ourselves

Yeah - it’s a thing people do

Moss graffiti… eco art...

Google it


It looks amazing


It will look amazing… eventually

We don’t know when in the future you’ll be looking at this installation

The seeds might have begun to grow by the time you arrive

They might never grow, we don’t know

The walls might be covered in moss not mould


They might not be, they might still just look like boxes pretending to be buildings


Things take time


Not everything will happen as quickly as we want it to

That’s okay

In this instance anyway

You’ll just have to come back another day

(If you’d like to)

We hope that by the end of their time here, in the foyer at HOME, these boxes pretending to be buildings will be covered in green moss, not mould, with wild flowers growing out the tops of them

We hope

It's very symbolic. 


Nature reclaims



And other buzz words


In reality, if you do see moss and the flowers, there’s still a box pretending to be a building underneath it, really

But you know that

Read into that what you will


Next to these boxes, this cityscape, you will find some packets of seeds in small brown envelopes

They are for you

Not all of them!

One of them

Unless they’ve all been taken already

(Sorry if they have)


If there are some there

Take one home,


Head to a green space

And scatter the seeds

If you want to

And then recycle the envelope



See you soon and thanks for coming.



Homemakers Project Overview

Homemakers is a series of new commissions, where we invite our favourite artists and artistic partners to combine to create work at home, for an audience who are also at home.

We’re not pretending that all art can be experienced online just as satisfactorily as in person; but we want to demonstrate the innovation of artists who work all kinds of forms, by inviting them to respond to this very specific context. We want to bring contemporary new performance to audiences all over the world, in all its form-flexing, mind-expanding, surprising subversive brilliance.

We’re excited to bring our first Homemakers commission into the building for audiences to enjoy in person.

About Staging Change

Staging Change is a network of freelance artists, venues and organisations committed to communicating the importance of environmental action run by Alice Boyd and Josie Dale-Jones.

About Alice Boyd

Alice Boyd is sound designer, theatre maker and environmental campaigner. Her work uses the voice, everyday sounds and electronic textures to tell stories about the world around us. She has been selected as one of Sound and Music’s New Voices composers for 2020, supported by Arts Council England, the Garfield Weston Foundation and the PRS Foundation. Alice is interested in the intersection between climate change and the arts, and the power that theatre, film and audio have to communicate big issues. Germination, an audio piece in collaboration with nonfiction writer Laura Grace Simpkins, was selected for Louder Than The Storm’s climate intersectionality exhibition and Radiophrenia Glasgow 2020. Alice’s sound design in Crisis was shortlisted for #CreateCOP25, a competition for the UN’s COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid in 2019. Other audio work includes, Land Skeins (OnComm nomination), a binaural series supported by National Youth Theatre, Paines Plough and BBC Writersroom. 

About Josie Dale-Jones

Josie Dale-Jones is a theatre maker, performer and producer.

Most recently, Josie received a Culture In Quarantine commission from Arts Council England and BBC and is currently a director in remote residence for the British Council’s Taking The Stage Programme in Ukraine. Josie was nominated as a finalist for the Arts Foundation Theatre-Makers Award 2021. Theatre Royal Bath appointed Josie a 2019 Leverhulme Arts Scholar.

Josie mostly works under “ThisEgg“. ThisEgg’s show in collaboration with Made My Wardrobe, dressed. received a Scotsman Fringe First as well as a nomination for ThisEgg for Total Theatre Awards’ Emerging Company 2018. The show completed a national tour before returning to the Festival for the British Council Showcase 2019. dressed. was nominated for a 2020 Offie Award for IDEA (innovative/ devised/ experiential/ atypical). ThisEgg won the inaugural Underbelly & New Diorama Untapped Award 2018 for early-mid career theatre companies. Me & My Bee, ThisEgg’s show for family audiences won the inaugural Les Enfants Terribles Stepladder Award 2017 and was nominated for The Fringe Sustainable Practice Award and Brighton Award for Excellence. In 2018 it was performed almost 200 times across over 100 venues in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Before that, ThisEgg’s Goggles, won the NSDF Edinburgh Emerging Artists Award 2016.

HOME’s sustainability programme is supported by Shire Leasing.