Sustainable Fringe Award

Sustainable Fringe Awards 2019 winners

At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, Creative Carbon Scotland, in collaboration with Staging Change, hosted the Sustainable Fringe Awards. One theatre company and one venue were awarded £100 for an innovative idea seeking to tackle issues of climate change or environmental sustainability at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in design, content or execution.

Sustainable Fringe Award winners 2019: Pianodrome and Pigfoot Theatre. Photo by David Monteith-Hodge of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

The Pianodrome


The Pianodrome is a majestic 100-seater amphitheatre made entirely from upcycled pianos. Their philosophy is one of slowing down and taking the time to re-use materials, from the lamps that light the space, to the screws that hold it together. Every part of the piano is lovingly incorporated into this intimate venue, demonstrating the imaginative and artistic potential of a sustainable approach.

The Pianodrome's team believes that small-scale community building is essential in combatting climate change. This DIY space is open to community groups and free events during the day and they work hard to reach out to diverse audiences.


The Pianodrome brings people together to connect with each other and the world around them through (mostly un-amplified) music, involving audiences as conscious participants and co-creators rather than passive consumers. Our offering is a slower, smaller-scale, low impact, entirely magical alternative Fringe venue.

How To Save A Rock

"Quick catch-up: it’s 2026, and we've got four years left to save the world. Half a degree out, and millions of lives are at risk. The temperatures are rising, and so are the people – but not enough has changed. Also, there's only one polar bear left alive, and he’s written us a letter. We're going to save him. Will you help? "


Pigfoot Theatre presented their carbon-neutral comedy, 'How To Save A Rock' at Edinburgh Fringe 2019. The show won the Samuel French New Play Award winner and Sunday Times Playwriting Award winner, 2019.

The show is completely carbon neutral. The lighting is powered by bike and solar power, all production materials are recycled and recyclable, and all sound is created live. Pigfoot Theatre are really interested in challenging the way that traditional theatre is made, and asking why you can't create work that is thoughtfully written and thoughtfully performed.


As such they are create change with both the message of the show and the medium through which they deliver it. Their show discusses the power of collective action in the fight against climate change, and as such offer all audience members the chance to be added to their mailing list, which keeps them up to date with protests going on up and down the UK, and how they can get involved, as well as climate-friendly action they can take in their own lives.


Finally, they created an entirely carbon-neutral marketing strategy – doing most of the work online, participating in Staging Change’s ‘Take A Photo’ campaign and printing the minimum number of flyers and posters possible, as well as using a climate-friendly printers which offsets the carbon cost of printing.

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