At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, Staging Change organised a number of events, campaigns and opportunities for Fringe goers. Staging Change held events throughout August including panels with key stakeholders, such as the Chair of the Fringe Society, a venue director and performers, and SustainabiliTEAs across major venues. Staging Change worked with VAULT to offer one climate change show a guaranteed slot at VAULT Festival 2020. 


Fringe Central, as well as major venues, including Pleasance, Summerhall, Underbelly, ZOO and Greenside worked with Staging Change to produce a calendar of daily green tips. Our green flyering campaign made a huge impact across the Fringe, with many participants taking photos of flyers rather than taking physical copies.


5th August - Start your Sustainable Fringe

Respite Room, Fringe Central (Venue 2)

The day will begin with a design workshop from Staging Change. The workshop will start with an overview about sustainable design in performance, from set, to lighting to marketing. We will then collaborate in groups to prototype solutions to improve sustainability in the theatre and entertainment industry. The groups will then share their ideas and we’ll finish the session with an informal debrief.

Next up, we have a workshop led by University of Edinburgh’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department. This two-part workshop will include a presentation on sustainability in the Festival and the importance of reuse to reduce environmental impact. We will hear from experts in the field of material reuse, focused on props and costuming. After this we will have an open workshop for sewing and repair skills, either for general skill building or with an opportunity to bring your own items which you are hoping to fix!

As storytellers, we have a unique capacity to explore key issues with audiences on and off the stage. Join Staging Change’s discussion with a variety of performers and makers at our discussion on sustainability in the theatre and entertainment industry. Whether you’re the greenest theatre machine or new to the game, everyone is welcome!

The final event of the evening is hosted by Creative Carbon Scotland. Environmental sustainability at the Fringe is increasingly prominent, with artists, companies and venues demonstrating how it can be done. Whether you are a long-time green innovator, or new to tackling the climate crisis through culture, we invite you to celebrate sustainability in all shapes and forms at the festival! With expertise from leading arts and sustainability organisations, and refreshments on hand, come and meet others passionate about sustainability in the arts.

Have a cuppa SustainabiliTEA

Put sustainability in the spotlight this Fringe! Come down to one of our SustainabiliTEA. Anyone can come and have a chat.

Friday 2nd August 10.00 - 11.00am - Summerhall café

Friday 9th August 10.00 - 11.00am - ZOO Southside café

Friday 16th August 10.00 - 11.00am - Pleasance Dome, Brooke's Bar

Friday 23rd August 10.00 - 11.00am - Underbelly Cowgate, Cow Café

This year, Staging Change is working with the VAULT Festival to curate a list of the top green shows at the Fringe, which engage with topics of climate change and environmental sustainability.


VAULT Festival are offering the opportunity for one production to win the Staging Change Award. The winner will be guaranteed a performance slot at VAULT Festival 2020.

Applications close 6pm on Friday 16th August 2019.

Use second-hand, recycled or repurposed sets, costumes and props. You'll save money and the environment. Check out these top tips on how to upcycle.




When it comes to printing, less is more! Keep that printing run low... you can always order more! Here's a 10% discount for Staging Change members who print sustainably with Out of the Blueprint. 


Get those flyers off the street! Use our graphics to remind people to recycle or take a photo of a flyer. Why not watch our Sustainability Sketch?

Create your own reusable Fringe kit. Here are our top alternatives to make you a reusable warrior!




Recycle in your Fringe accommodation... stay tuned for our top tips.


Check out your Fringe's sustainability events. If they have a swap shop, give props, costumes and sets a new home, or say goodbye to items that are too clunky to take home.

Join a #SustainableFringe event or Staging Change workshop.




Share your sustainable actions on social media with the hashtag #SustainableFringe or make an announcement after your show.


Ask your venue what they're doing to be more environmentally sustainable. Here are our top 5 questions to ask your venue.

Travel to, from and around the Fringe by bus, train, foot or bike.




Encourage your audiences on social media to do the same!


Offset carbon emissions from flights or car/van travel using sites, such as Mossy Earth, which plant trees and restore ecosystems.

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